At, Cargo Plus (Pvt) Ltd we take care of the forwarding of nearly every Air and Ocean shipment from and to almost every place in the world. To perform these services we have a professional team and a global network of agents ready. All of them are prepared to our customers the best service they need.

From our office in Sialkot we arrange, coordinate and administrate of our logistic services.

We endeavour to become the most important tool in feeding the demands for information in logistic chains. We therefore see the optimal use of information technology as one of our primary goals to ensure customers that the information they need can be obtained at any time from any where.

One element in this fast changing world did not and will not change.
Our personal approach to our valuable clients and their logistic need?

Our personal approach by our small but professional team has been proved necessary for short communication lines and bundled information to act adequate before, during our within all stages of shipment movements.

The aspects also ensure that all specific wishes of each individual client and their shipments are known by each person who is handling your shipment.

Management and operations are working closely together which enables the management to signalize and solve difficulties on their territory in an early stage.

We firmly believe that rendered service and prompt communication is the asset, and with this in mind, we operate a 24 hour/365 days a year. This helps assist our overseas customer and agents no matter when or where problems or assistance is required.

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